Monday, 4 April 2016

I Went To The Cinema Alone

The cinema is a place we go to sit in a dark room, in silence, with no disruptions (usually) for a couple of hours whilst watching a film on a gigantic screen. When at the cinema we don't like talking, or light, or fumbling or any noise and movement at all. Yet, it is deemed a bit weird to go to the cinema alone.

I've really been wanting to watch Disney's Zootropolis (as it's called in Europe) for a while now. This morning I got up, I had a meeting for work things and then afterwards I just drove to the cinema and bought a single ticket. It felt weird. I bought it from the machine so I didn't have to ask for one ticket to an animated film and I was kind of relieved when there was nobody at the screen entrances checking tickets.

On getting to my seat there was a family of three sat slightly in front and a girl with her grandma slightly behind. A couple more families came in during the trailers, all with at least one child. I noticed some of the kids staring at me, sat on my own. The little girl with her grandma said something, in her oh-so-quiet child voice about why I was on my own and watching a cartoon film. I think she was more confused about why I was choosing to watch an animated film... oh child, if only you knew me... -stares at shelves full of Disney toys in bedroom-
I wasn't bothered by any of this but it just felt a little strange. Usually when waiting for trailers I'd be chatting to whoever I am with, and when trailers come on we do the whole "OOH can we see that?!... Oh, that looks rubbish."

Once the film started I kind of forgot about being on my own. Before it started I thought that maybe if I was watching a different film (ie not an animated one) would I feel less weird that I was there on my own? But I am SO GLAD it was this film I chose. Zootropolis is brilliant and I urge everyone to watch it. It feels like it may even be more suited to adults than children? The underlying message about prejudice and discrimination is really well done and there are some "grown ups" in the world today that can benefit from learning about that. There's great jokes and sass and just a genuinely great script and story. Also, there's a Breaking Bad reference and Shakira is in it so really, what's not to love?

At the end, Shakira's character is performing and the credits start popping up. At this point EVERYBODY started getting up and leaving. I was sat there thinking "IT'S STILL ON. WHAT IF SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENS?"
So I sat and watched until it had finished and the screen went to black. When I stood up to leave, there was just me and a member of staff stood at the back... waiting for me to leave.

I really enjoyed my afternoon. It started off feeling a bit strange and "not right" but  I guess in a way it kind of makes sense going to the cinema alone? Sure there's no after-film discussion - though my friend was ready and awaiting me on Facebook messenger. (Oh, technology)

£8 for one ticket though? On a Monday afternoon? Thank the lord for Meerkat Movies 2 for 1!

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  1. yes louise!!! i used to go on my own pretty often when i was at uni.... i find it quite empowering to say i want to watch this SO I'M GOING TO!!!

    we need a cinema date soon please <3

    also i need to see this film.