Tuesday, 26 April 2016

"Why Are You Wearing Makeup?"

Do you have a really kick ass lipstick? Or have you just used your hard earned money to treat yourself to a new eyeshadow palette?
And then, do you leave them on your dressing table wondering when you will get an opportunity to use them?


Wear them to work. Wear them to go on a walk. Wear them to pop to the shop for a bottle of milk. Dammit, wear them to just potter about your home!

And when someone, inevitably, questions why you are wearing red lipstick, and/or rocking a smokey eye, here are a list of responses you can give them...

1. I'm fabulous
2. It's -insert day of the week here-
3. It's sunny/rainy/hot/cold (delete/add as appropriate)
4. I got out of bed today
5. I had a good breakfast/I remembered to have breakfast
6. So I can get shit done
7. Why are you NOT wearing -insert makeup item here-?
9. Because I can
10. Cos I am a strong, confident woman/man/other and I will do what I like!

I remember when I first started reading beauty blogs and noticed that everyone was wearing beautiful lip colours and I wanted  so badly to be able to wear them and wear them confidently. Then I thought... FUCK IT.
I bought a Barry M one (that bright green one that changes colour on the lips), it was quite a bubblegum pink on me. I wore it to work and at first the people I worked with were all "ooh, how come you have lipstick on? You don't usually wear lipstick."
But I carried in wearing it every day. And then slowly started buying more. And more. And even more.
It very quickly turned in to... "WHY HAVE YOU NO LIPSTICK ON?!" on the days when I couldn't be bothered. And my lip product collection is frankly ridiculous. (But that dusky rose lipstick is DEFINITELY a slightly different shade from the other 5 dusky rose lipsticks...)

You look great. You spent your money. Wear it with pride! You ARE confident enough to wear it all the time.
Feel free to comment with additional responses.

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  1. Yesssss I love the days when I just feel like wearing a butt-load of make-up for no reason whatsoever.