Friday, 29 April 2016

April Favourites

We all love a "Favourites" post... even if they are incredibly enabling. I used to love doing these on my old blog, and I always watch Youtubers Favourites.
So I'm bringing in back but instead of just being beauty, I'm going to basically included everything I have loved this month. Beauty, TV, games etc etc etc. Mainly because my beauty routine is pretty constant right now and there isn't really that much newness to talk about.
Having said that, let's start with beauty...


It was my birthday this month and my friend, Nicola, was an absolute babe and got me one of the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani lipsticks. The shade is "Ex Girlfriend" which is a beautiful everyday nude. It is quite sheer but can be built up for a more opaque finish. I usually wear it on top of MAC's Soar lip liner. The formula is so creamy and soft! I've never used an UD lipstick before but I am definitely keen to try more now. Also, can we just talk about the Gwen Stefani packaging? -heart eyes-


I tried to pick one but I'm going to cheat and just put this down as "New Disney Films". This month I saw the two newest releases from Disney and I loved them both. First I saw Zootropolis. I talked about that in this post, but I loved it so much. The way it discusses discrimination and prejudice is amazing. It has great characters, a great story and it's very funny.
The second Disney film I saw was the live action remake of The Jungle Book. I wasn't sure what to think of this. In general, I am sick of all the remakes and especially as all the ones so far have, quite frankly, been rubbish. The cast of The Jungle Book looked amazing though and then the reviews started coming out and they were all great so I was a little more excited... It is brilliant! It is exactly what a live action remake should be. It kept the songs!! I genuinely believe this is were other films have gone wrong. The cast was perfect and with them all being just voice cast, it didn't take away from the character they were playing. The boy playing Mowgli was incredible. They did such a good job relating it to the animated version and I absolutely love how it ends with a book closing รก la all the classic Disney films. I'm really looking forward to Beauty and the Beast next year now.


My favourite TV show this month, and probably going to be one of the year's favourites, is Line of Duty. I'd never actually heard of it before but this month the third series started. I saw a lot of hype about it and then noticed series 1 and 2 on Netflix. So I watched it all in a weekend (obviously) so I could watch the current series. It is a police drama focusing on the Anti Corruption Unit who are trying to uncover corrupt police officers within the force. I won't spoil anything but the series 3 finale was on last night and it was an incredibly tense 90 minutes of my life. I was getting angry watching it (because the story and characters are just SO GOOD) and I was fully exhausted by the time it had finished. Highly recommend!


This is a bit of an odd category for me as I'm not a massive game player, so I doubt it will feature every month. But again, I'm cheating by grouping two games together. And again, it has a Disney theme.
First up is Disney's Magic Kingdoms. This is game in which you build your own Disneyland!! You complete tasks to unlock new characters and rides. I am fully addicted.
Second is Disney Crossy Road. When the original Crossy Road came out, I was a bit addicted. Then they brought a Disney version out. Again, you can collect all the characters to play as and literally all you do is cross a road without being hit or falling in the river. It sounds boring but... I can't stop playing.


I have got quite into reading this year (finally!) and my friend, Katie, sent me a few books for my birthday. One was a little book called "We Should All be Feminists" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She is a Nigerian lady and this was originally a TED Talk she gave which she has expanded and published. It is a great little read especially for people wanting to understand feminism more and why it is important. I really enjoyed reading about her experiences when she was living back in Nigeria and how the attitudes of the men there towards women are. The TED Talk is on Youtube too, if you can't get hold of the book. 


Here is April's playlist... 

What are you loving at the moment? Any the same as me?

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