Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Monthy Playlist: April

I think this month's playlist is my favourite yet. It's a good mix of classics, throwbacks and some new discoveries.
Particular favourites are Gay Pirates by Cosmo Jarvis. The actual story and lyrics are the song are pretty heartbreaking but it is great and important and I've loved it. It was brought to my attention by Becki's Freudian Sluts Playlist.
Cool For Cats by Squeeze is a song I first heard when I was very young and I have always loved it. It recently came on when I was driving and I have very much been enjoying singing along in a cockney accent.
And after seeing the new Jungle Book, of course I had to put a song in the playlist!

I'm actually going to Disneyland on Tuesday (!!) so I'm sure May will have even more Disney in it.

Here is April Playlist in full to put in your ears.

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