Sunday, 20 March 2016

International Day of Happiness

Had I of known that today has been the International Day of Happiness I would have been more prepared with this post and have uploaded it in the morning. However, I only realised when good ol' Snapchat pointed out today's day and at that point I was rushing to go out with my mum. That being said, I was taking her to Liverpool to see Disney on Ice. I got tickets for her for Christmas and as far as Happy Days go... spending it seeing Disney characters dancing on ice is pretty wonderful.

When you spend a lot of time feeling very unhappy, I like to find the tiny, little things that make me feel good. Things that maybe other people see as insignificant things that they wouldn't usually think twice about. So, here is my Happy List...

  1. Lipstick. Especially red lipstick. If you are feeling crappy, lipstick will make you feel like a superhero. Red lipstick will make you feel like a powerful machine and nothing will take you down.
  2. Following on from that... make-up. Just, make-up in general. Some days I just feel rubbish. I try and work but have no motivation. So I shut down, grab my make up and I will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour painting my face. It makes me feel good. It's therapeutic.
  3. And then the last make-up related thing, I promise... I LOVE taking my make-up off. I love putting it on so much, but getting out my cleansing oil and a flannel when it's been on my face all day is just bliss! I use The Body Shop's Camomile Cleansing Oil. I have repurchased it constantly for about two years. It's the bee knees!
  4. Candles and fairy lights. The photo below is what my view in my bedroom currently looks like. I have fairy lights pinned from my ceiling (I got them from Matalan a few years ago and they're amazing.) and I always have a few candles. I love vanilla and also spicy smells, and fruity. I just like candles. It makes everything look and feel relaxed and chilled.

  5. Toy Story. I mean, who doesn't love Toy Story?! But it doesn't matter how many times I see it, I will still laugh at the same jokes every single time. It gives me a great feeling of nostalgia and you just can't be sad whilst watching Woody and Buzz and the gang!
  6. My songs from musicals playlist. Because how can you be sad listening to the Hairspray soundtrack? Here's my musicals Spotify playlist. And if there's any musicals I should add in, please let me know!
    7. New bedding. I forgot how much new bedding was one of life's greatest pleasures but I just changed my bed and now it feels like I'm getting a cuddle of a cloud.

There's just a few things that I find happiness in. Things that I need to remember more often, really.

My friend Becki has done a post of things that make her happy, which you can read here. She sends me weird, wonderful and hilarious things she finds on the Internet (as I do to her) which makes me very happy indeed! -inserts dancing girls emoji-

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