Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Favourites

Monthly favourites time. I feel like May lasted AGES and I have a nice little selection of things I have enjoyed this month. HERE WE GO...


OBVIOUSLY it goes without saying that Disneyland was my favourite place everything this month. I have posted some photos already that you can see here. It was so magical and I got to spend it with my best friends. I can't wait til I can go back again.


I decided a bit ago I wanted a denim jacket and I was going to put a load of awesome patches all over it. In my head I saw the perfect jacket - as is always the case - and I managed to find it on ASOS. It was the perfect length and colour and I've hardly taken it off since I bought it. I did have patches on it, however they have fallen off, dammit. Going to have to see if I know how to sew...
The jacket is here but it looks like most sizes have sold out now, sorry!


There's actually a few products to mention here... Firstly, the Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer. I saw this getting mixed reviews but then I saw a video and it looked like it did a good job so I decided to try it. I'm not a huge fan of how grubby it looks after sticking your finger in a few times BUT the product itself is amazing. It has great coverage, works perfectly under my eyes and on blemishes and it sticks around all day.

Next is the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor from Revlon. I have the shade Seduction. It feels very comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out, like "ultra matte" suggests. I tend to wear the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil in 'Eastend Snob' underneath and the colour of the two of them together is perfection.

My friend bought me a H&M mask for my birthday. This was my first delve into H&M Beauty and I think I am hooked. She got me the Charcoal & Pumice mask with walnut and fig and, is for tired looking skin. It is an exfoliating mask so it contains little gritty bits (scientific name). I put it all over my face for 20-30 minutes then rub it in with a little warm water before taking it off with a flannel. I noticed a difference immediately! My skin looked so bright and felt so soft. I managed to get 2/3 uses out the little pot and I have already bought more. H&M, please can you put this is a big pot!?

When I went to buy more of the mask my eye was drawn to a can of "dry conditioner". Dry shampoo, sure... never heard of dry conditioner. But I was more than intrigued so I bought it. It claims to provide instant softness as well as being lightweight and hydrating. I don't know what witchcraft it possesses but my hair definitely felt softer and it doesn't feel heavy or like I have a lot of product in my hair. I even managed to get away with third day hair as well with this stuff! HURRAY!


I finally jumped on the bandwagon a year after everyone else and read The Girl On The Train and oh boy does it live up to the hype. I have wanted to read it for a while and then with the film coming out later this year I wanted to read it first. I'm not a great book reviewer but the story is great and I was hooked. I kept telling myself I'd just read a couple of chapters and then 2 hours would have passed. If you liked Gone Girl, I'd definitely recommend this. Very much looking forward to the film now.


This month I watched a documentary on Netflix called She's Beautiful When She's Angry. It follows American women during the second wave of feminism in the 60/70s. It talks about gender gaps, abortion, jobs, women of colour, sexuality and so many more feminist issues. It has clips from during the time as well as interviews from the women who where involved in the movement. It is incredibly good and I'd recommend it to anyone. It shows how just how much things haven't changed a lot in 50 years in terms of equality and how important feminism is.


Since Better Call Saul season 2 finished (which was INCREDIBLE!) I decided to rewatch Breaking Bad. Now that I've recently watched BCS, the connections between the two shows are even more obvious and my rewatch has just confirmed that Breaking Bad is probably my favourite TV show ever. The characters are amazing, the cinematography is beautiful and man, that soundtrack!

What have you been loving in May? Any the same as me?

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